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The recent migration trend to Europe has caused significant changes in its society, affecting population, labor marketsocial perceptions, and cultural mosaic

Migrants face serious financial challenges such as limited access to basic financial services, lack of credit history, difficulty submitting micro-loan applications, and confusion about documentation requirements. 

Many migrants are not well equipped to make important financial decisions and have specialized financial needs. The INFINITY project aims to improve migrants’ financial literacy and provide them with educational materials, including entrepreneurship and soft skills, to increase self-employment and help them become productive members of society.

The objectives of project are to:

  • Adapt vocational education and training to the labor market needs of migrants
  • Strengthen their self-confidence and self-employment
  • Enhance their financial literacy skills through tailored educational material
  • Increase the attractiveness of vocational education and training (VET) for migrants
  • Teach about entrepreneurship and soft skills

Provide the necessary information and confidence to request a micro-loan to start a business. The results of INFINITY will include financial literacy educational materials, an e-learning platform, a digital game, and a VET educators manual. The main intangible result is the confidence and knowledge that migrants will acquire in various fields to improve their financial related knowledge and self-confidence.

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    Erasmus +
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    Earso Ug
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    Stand Ltd

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    Innovative Hive


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