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10 April 2024

Infinity project: an innovative approach to increase the financial literacy skills of migrants by a training course and training materials

Among the results of the Infinity project, one of the most relevant is the training course developed by the partners to encourage the growth of migrants' skills not only in matters related to finance, banking, tax system, but, more generally, in improving their ability to find work.

The course includes two great areas of skills: financial education and operational skills of finding work or starting one's own business.


The first area (Education factor) foresees the following training modules:

  1. Basic Financial Literacy
  2. Financial Decision Making
  3. Banking, taxes and Financial
  4. Financial Planning and Goals

The second (Labor Factor) includes these additional modules:

  1. Employment Skills
  2. Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship
  3. Soft Skills Development
  4. Community Resources and Support

For each module there is a general introduction to the topic, the definition of the educational objectives and contents.

Following is the description of a case history and the planning of a practical activity that allows learning linked to doing.

Each module involves verification of learning through a specific assessment questionnaire.

A guide for the teacher and links to the most useful tools complete the picture.

Finally, all modules are accompanied by a lesson plan which identifies the duration, methodologies and teaching technologies for each training moment.

The course will be available at the end of the project on the project's e-learning platform, currently the preparation course.

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