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01 December 2023

Report of the 1st evaluation meeting of the Infinity competencies framework


Date: November 13.11.2023

Organization: Medoro

Duration: 1 hour

Location: MEET (Online)

Attendees: 5 participants (3 women and 2 men) Age Range of Participants: 30 to 64 years Names of attendees:

  1. Thea Messina (Education)
  2. Gabriella Guarino (Education Training)
  3. Francesca Pardo (Education)
  4. Michele Cavallaro (Inclusion and education)
  5. Carmelo Messina (Legal Representative of MEDORO, Host)

The INFINITY project, born from an important idea: improving the financial literacy of migrants, involves a careful evaluation of the results by sector operators. On November 13th, a meeting was held between various stake holders to evaluate the skills framework necessary for a migrant to navigate the technical difficulties of finance. The aim was to subject the work on skills to the careful gaze of experts in the field of finance and training in order to reconcile the different points of view.

The meeting was preceded by the transmission of the Framework to a group of 15 stake holders for an initial examination; at the same time the evaluation questionnaire was sent.

After a few days, a meeting was scheduled for November 13th at 3.30 pm to which the stake holders were invited.


The participants

The workshop was attended by 5 professionals (3) women and (2) men. The age range is particularly wide and goes from 30 to 67 years with considerable experience.


Agenda and work

Introduction and overview of the INFINITY project. The session began with a short presentation of the INFINITY project, outlining its meaning, duration as well as the general and specific objectives of WP2.

The INFINITY skills framework. We then got to the heart of the presentation by commenting on the skills framework. The framework developed by the partner Innovation Hive arises from data and information taken from desk research and field research carried out by each partner. The key skills necessary to improve financial literacy, entrepreneurial skills and the development of soft skills are defined here.

Presentation of the framework questionnaire. At this point the questionnaire is presented and feedback from the participants is requested by completing it after the connection ends.

Session of interventions by the participants. Each participant is encouraged to provide opinions, criticisms and suggestions regarding the painting

There were several interventions from those present, mostly on the questionnaire. The possibility of rereading the framework was requested in order to evaluate it with more awareness.

The INFINITY validation workshop was a first step that requires a further meeting that involves greater participation of stakeholders which, on this occasion, did not occur.

The feeling is that, at first glance, the topic is a little underestimated by the interlocutors. So, it was decided to organize a second meeting for 11.21.2023 with a larger number of people.

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