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27 December 2022

Future for education: the new frontier of distance learning

One of our recent projects is "Future for Education", aimed at enhancing the experience of distance learning, used massively in schools and universities during the two years of the Covid-19 pandemic. In particular, the project aims to propose more advanced and targeted tools in the field of remote teaching, especially of a digital nature, to ensure that the use of this teaching method, albeit much more limited, can still have very effective results and can therefore contribute to the overall improvement of the educational quality of the school system.

Medoro is the partner for Italy of the project which is led by the Prerov Chamber of Commerce, in the Czech Republic, and as another partner, the Beskid Chamber of Commerce, in Poland.

"Future for Education", the preliminary phases of which were already carried out in 2022, initially envisages a survey activity carried out through a questionnaire that will be administered to students and teachers of the secondary school thanks to the collaboration of the Technical Institute "S .Cannizzaro”, our local partner also for this project.

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