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08 December 2023

Report of the 2nd evaluation meeting of the Infinity competencies framework


Date: November 21.11.2023 Organization: Medoro Duration: 1 hour

Location: MEET (Online)

Attendees: 10 participants (3 women and 2 men) Age Range of Participants: 30 to 64 years Names of attendees:

  1. Thea Messina (Education)
  2. Laura Aliano (Education and Finance)
  3. Maricò Disco (Finance)
  4. Michele Cavallaro (Inclusion and education)
  5. Tino Cutugno (Stakeholder, Entrepreneurship)
  6. Carmelo Messina (Legal Representative of MEDORO, Host)
  7. Giacomo Giusto (Education and Finance)
  8. Salvino Signorelli (Finance)
  9. Giuseppe Frezza (Finance)
  10. Rodolfo Cifrodelli (Finance)
  11. Patrizia Miuccio (Education)




The INFINITY project was presented during a first meeting on 13 November 2023. During the activities, there was a sub-optimal participation of the invited stake holders. It was decided to resolve the problem by organizing a second Work Shop on 21 November 2023.

The meeting was preceded by the broadcast on the Infinity group created on Watthapp with the invitation to participate but reminder phone calls were also made a few hours before the start of the meeting. The following were retransmitted: the questionnaire and the document to be evaluated.

The participants

The workshop was attended by 11 professionals (4) women and (7) men. The age range is particularly wide and goes from 30 to 67 years with considerable experience. Of the 11 participants, 3 had attended the previous meeting on 11.13.2023.

Agenda and work

The proceedings repeated the same pattern as the first meeting. Introduction and overview of the INFINITY project.

The INFINITY project. Meaning, duration, general and specific objectives of WP2.

The INFINITY skills framework. The document was carefully read and translated into Italian for the occasion.

The framework questionnaire. At this point the questionnaire is presented and feedback from the participants is requested by completing it after the connection ends.

Session of interventions by the participants. There were several interventions by those present, mostly on the questionnaire.


The second skills framework evaluation workshop was a notable success both in terms of the number and quality of those attending.

Participants requested to be informed about the continuation of the project.

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