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28 February 2024

FUTURE FOR EDUCATION at the finish line!

With the final conferences, our project on distance learning concluded successfully. All the partners, each in their own country, have organized a series of events to present the results of the project, explain how it can contribute to a better use of distance learning by "professional users" and more generally outline the prospects of training online in schools or universities and in the professional training sector. For Italy, Medoro organized two events in Catania. The first took place on 9 February at the Cannizzaro Institute, Medoro's partner school, and saw the participation of around 80 people, mostly students and teachers. With the help of the speakers Sergio Di Mare, Maurizio Arena and Giuseppe Salerno, the opportunity was favorable to make some reflections on how to orient oneself in one's working future, also in terms of the soft skills necessary today for an adequate approach to the job market. The second final event took place on February 28th in collaboration with the Alcantara Residence, Arces College of Merit, a cultural center very attentive to the education of young middle and high school and university students. In the presence of around 20 participants (students, teachers, entrepreneurs, managers) and taking inspiration from what emerged during the project process, Prof. Marco Fici, teacher of the Liceo Spedalieri, and Dr. Mariagrazia Puglisi, entrepreneur in the training sector , focused on the critical issues but also on the considerable potential of distance learning, already in the immediate future of all educational and training activities. Both events ended with a lively and fruitful debate among the participants.

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