HSST - Running

Harbor heritage story telling Harbor heritage story telling

The HHST project proposes to respond to the issues raised by developing:

  • a participative method for the appropriation and the setting in tourism of this "hidden" heritage.
  • a stakeholder training framework based on strengthening knowledge heritage, the transmission of the contributions of heritage interpretation, the development of communication and mediation techniques applied to port heritage.
  • An online training tool, to perpetuate the training process.
  • An application of these training methods and contents through the creation of 4 cultural tourism routes aimed at discovering port heritage in the 4 cities partners.

The cooperation between actors in Euro-Mediterranean port cities makes it possible to integrate into the training method and content the common historical and functional elements of heritage port. It also ultimately enables the development of a real European network of projects tourism geared towards enhancing the heritage of ports and built from the same participatory method.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2019
  • Role: Partner
  • Programm: Erasmus+
  • Place: Europe
  • Lead partner: Office de tourisme intercommunal de Bastia (FR-Corse)
  • Partners: Cooperative pour le developpment de l’emploi dans le métiers du patrimoine (FR)
    Mesogeiako Kentro Perivallontos (GR)
    Prokultura Split - Cultural Policies Observatory (Croatia)
    Med.O.R.O. scarl (IT)
    Institouto meletis topikis istorias kai tis istorias ton epixiriseon (Gr)

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