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Working in six urban areas (Budapest, Dublin, Granada, Graz, London ùand Siracusa) and focussing on behavioural change, ASTUTE aimed to overcome the organisational barriers that prevent an increase in the use of walking and cycling in European urban centres.


This has been achieved in a variety of diffCity of Grazerent systems, in both the public and private sectors though the use of mobility management techniques such as Travel Awareness campaigns and Workplace Travel Plans.


ASTUTE drew up a typology of barriers and analysed a range of best practice information from both partner and external organisations as a way in overcoming these barriers.


ASTUTE drafted a toolkit for use by municipalities and employers that enables them to implement concrete measure to increase levels of walking and cycling.


ASTUTE partners tested the draft toolkit in a variety of situations and spread the Linal version on DVD in 10 EU languages Increase in the public acceptability of walking and cycling Improved coordination between all of the organisations responsible for walking and / or cycling on both a local and regional level Toolkit tested in 10 different 'laboratories' over 12--‐18 months and disseminated on project end via DVD in 10 languages 10% increase in the levels of walking and cycling across the partner cities and reduced emission of CO2 


Additional Info

  • Year: 2009
  • Role: Partner
  • Programm: IEE
  • Place: SICILY-­‐Catania
  • Lead partner: London Borough of Bromley
  • Partners: •MED.o.r.o • City of Graz • Austrian Mobility Research / For s chung s g e s e l l s cha f t Mobilitaet Gemeinnützige GmbH • Studio Metropolitana Urban Research Centre Public Society • City of Dublin Energy Management Agency Ltd. • Ayuntamiento de Granada: Centro Internacional de Estudios Urbanos • Creative Environmental Networks • University of Catania, Dept of Civil an Environmental Engineering

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