Training course for executive technician of woodworking Training course for executive technician of woodworking

The project contributed to the development of the regional productive tissue through restoration of ancient professions, expressions of local culture throughout the Sicilian territory, but today they find many difficulty in passing on to new generations.
To create modern business opportunities through the recovery of those handicrafts that are today risked the extinction, the project developed in two phases.
The first has deepened traditional training through the learning of preliminary knowledge
and propedeutics to the practical activity of the "craft", the second facilitated the acquisition of the necessary manuals, strengthened by the direct relationship with the artisan master.
The goal was to train not only an executive technical operator who could handle interventions aimed at processing and processing of wood, but also and above all a virtuous acquaintance with the local reality with innovative skills in the field of valorisation, processing, promotion and marketing wood and its derivatives.
The strength of the project was to replace a passive strategy of adaptation with an active strategy of a work and teaching activity open to young people who identify in the hypothesis of the school-shop a structured path and personalized, capable of providing a methodology of transferring professionalism from the entrepreneur to the young, applicable in perspective, to all sectors of artistic craftsmanship, typical and traditional.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2011
  • Role: Partner
  • Programm: PO Sicily ESF
  • Place: SICILY‐Catania
  • Lead partner: Prisma
  • Partners: •MED.o.r.o/PRISMA •Classimo snc •Ditta Gemmellaro Giuseppe •Arte Legno di Marco Arena •CTV PORTE SRL •Arti Antiche snc

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