Time and Carers

Solutions to meet the existential needs of the "family helper" Solutions to meet the existential needs of the "family helper"

A project designed to propose solutions to meet the existential needs of the "family helper", a figure different from those who professionally assist disabled and / or elderly (caregivers, social and health-care assistants working in the public or private sector social). The project primarily aimed at addressing the issue of the "family helper" living condition that could "become ill" in its own way of solitude and not have its "respite", its "breathing moment", with serious risk of physical and / or psychological depletion. The project has basically developed in two moments: one of the survey and one of the proposals. In the first partners developed a sort of European Map of Social Assistance , comparing the different systems currently in place in their respective countries with regard to the presence of the public and the private sector, the different types of services offered and those operating , the different terminologies. In its proactive part, a "Family Aid Guide" and a small manual for the creation of a "Family Aid Support Lab" have been elaborated and a “forum for accompanying assistants of family" has been designed.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2012
  • Role: Partner
  • Programm: Grundtvig
  • Place: Europe
  • Lead partner: Sud Corse Domicile (Fr)
  • Partners: •Medoro/Prisma (It) •ASBL Le CID ( Belgium) •Società Galiziana di Gerontologia Y Geriatria (Spain) •Comune di Ioannina (Greece)

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