Ori.Etna.Tour is a project for the development of tourism entrepreneurship in the Ionian-Ethnic area, promoted under the project (Action 3.02, PIT24 Etna), funded by the European Social Fund of the Sicily 2000-2006 which sees as partners the Etna Park, the municipality of Giarre, the Regional Province of Catania, the Orientation and Training Center of the University of Catania with the Med.ORO consortium and the Taormina-Etna and Simeto-Etna Districts.
The initiative envisages a series of training and information activities to be held in several Ionian-Ethiopian municipalities, to focus on the potential of tourism, and on concrete actions to promote the tourist-territorial development of ethnic communities in the light of logic sustainability and system integration, recognized but not yet applied optimally.
The academic world, representatives of tourism professions, the local tourist offer actors and the stakeholders involved in the tourism phenomenon are involved. The project is to be a promising moment in order to assist in the development of hotel-tourism services and tourist systems, particularly in the Ionian-Ethnic District. The aim is that young businesses betting on tourism are encouraged to increase their skills by fostering a social consciousness dedicated to the issues of development and entrepreneurship widespread, and that the tourist development, desirable and potentially beneficial, of the municipalities included in the area of the Etna Regional Park, makes our 'places' more 'beautiful' as well as richer and more livable.
The project envisages the realization of a research that focuses on the institutional and entrepreneurial world of the tourist sector on the one hand, and the high school students at the tourist hotel guide on the other.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2008
  • Role: Partner
  • Programm: ESF
  • Place: SICILY
  • Lead partner: University of Catania/Medoro
  • Partners: Provincia Regionale Catania Comune di Giarre Distretti: Taormina Etna, Simeto Etna

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