Aci-Etnea Area

Aci-Etnea area Aci-Etnea area

The project is aimed at enhancing the areas where recognized quality agricultural productions are being carried out.

The realization of a system of rural itineraries has facilitated the realization of a development plan that has integrated the various business realities with the resources of the territory of the Ionian-­‐Etnea area.

Objectives pursued:

• Improving the quality of tourist services: developing compatible tourist services with the environment.

• Valorizing tourism resources: improving accessibility and attractiveness of tourist resources, enhancing the vocation of production in the territorial context

• Promote distinctness and distinctiveness features: development of marketing functions.

Performed activities :

• Creating a website for the description of the countryside and the rural itineraries,

• Realization of a representative mark of the itineraries

• Design and implementation of promotional and communication materials

• Creating a discount card for the users of the rural itineraries of the Aci-­‐Etnea area.

• Design and set up of a stand for direct participation in the most important Italian tourism fair


The           project              is           aimed                at          enhancing       the       areas                 where    recognized       quality              agricultural     productions                  are       being                  carried               out.      The      realization      of          a            system              of          rural       itineraries       has       facilitated        the        realization      of          a            development    plan      that      has       integrated       the       various             business          realities               with      the       resources        of          the       territory          of          the       Ionian-­‐Etnea                area.   

Objectives          pursued:         

                 Improving           the       quality              of          tourist              services:          developing         compatible     tourist               services            with     the        environment.                 

                 Valorizing            tourism            resources:       improving       accessibility                and                   attractiveness             of          tourist              resources,       enhancing       the      vocation              of          production     in          the        territorial        context            

                 Promote               distinctness                  and      distinctiveness           features:         development    of          marketing       functions.       

Performed          activities         :            

                 Creating               a            website            for        the       description     of          the      countryside       and       the        rural    itineraries,     

                 Realization        of          a            representative            mark    of          the        itineraries                 

                 Design     and      implementation         of          promotional                 and     communication             materials        

                 Creating               a            discount          card     for        the       users                 of         the                   rural                  itineraries       of          the        Aci-­‐Etnea     area.   

                 Design    and       set        up         of          a            stand                 for        direct                 participation    in          the        most    important       Italian               tourism            fair      

Additional Info

  • Year: 2015
  • Role: Partner
  • Programm: EAGGF
  • Place: SICILY‐Catania
  • Lead partner: FederAlberghi Sicilia
  • Partners: • MED.o.r.o/ Prisma • Isei sas • Lanteri • Industria 01 • Add Design

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