On 7th July 2021  the final event of the MED EDUC project took place in Catania, held online, which saw the presence of 25 participants including teachers from schools, educators, trainers, school managers, professionals and students / university researchers.

MED DEDUC is the result of transnational and multidisciplinary cooperation between 7 organizations active in education processes for sustainable development in the Mediterranean and from France, Greece, Spain, Croatia and Italy, the latter represented by MEDORO for Sicily and the Institute Garibaldi for Sardinia, and has set itself as a strategic objective to strengthen the commitment of young people to the protection of the Mediterranean through the transversal integration of environmental issues in school programs.

MED EDUC, with the contribution of the resources of the Erasmus + Community program, has created a series of European educational resources for middle and high schools, focused on the discovery and enhancement of the coastal and marine environment in the Mediterranean. The project constitutes an educational reference for teachers and will make available a guide of educational activities for teachers, students and environmental educators from Europe and the Mediterranean who work in schools.

The guide is structured in 44 activities, selected and reworked by the partnership after extensive research carried out in the 5 participating countries, grouped according to the 10 basic themes of the project (including pollution and waste, mass tourism, sustainable fishing, loss of biodiversity , coastal erosion, climate change, etc.) and referable to different age targets and to the various school disciplines.

An online educational resource center was then created, integrated into the project website and available, as well as in English, in the 5 languages​​of the partnership. The platform capitalizes on the project's productions, provided interactively, and extends with further visual and bibliographic contributions, allowing the selection of the 44 experiences through one or more filters.

Two qualifying moments of the project itinerary: the experimentation of some of the educational activities, now available on the educational platform Med Educ, successfully conducted by the trainers of the "Starter Club" Educational Center (local partner of Medoro) with the involvement of 31 children from lower middle schools, and the transnational didactic exchange, held in English during 5 days with the participation of 23 teachers / educators from each of the partner countries. It was an extremely stimulating work session in which each teacher / educator was able to transfer their experience relating to the experimentation of the identified educational activities, illustrating their merits and criticalities and therefore making a valuable contribution to the improvement of the descriptive cards of these activities, now available in the resource center.

The event was attended by Carmelo Messina, president of Medoro, Giacomo Giusto, local coordinator of the project, and trainers Mario Di Stefano and Emanuele Cutore for the "Starter Club" Educational Center.

The appreciation expressed by the participants who underlined the effectiveness and innovativeness of the MED EDUC project in its mission of helping the younger generations to understand the phenomena, identify the challenges for the future and contribute to the collective search for solutions for our Mediterranean environment.

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